TelevisionBlacks, 2020Short Form

Growing up as a Black boy in Greater Manchester and now studying in Glasgow, I have been plagued with the question: how do Black people from communities which are overwhelmingly white view their history? With very little resource material available in schools, and public institutions in the UK erasing most of it’s gruelling facts regarding it’s involvement in the slave trade; is there a natural self degrading nature which comes as a by-product of being Black and British? From travelling across the UK and speaking with many Black people from rural communities I realised that this is not the case. Though not completely aware of one’s history, the backbone and moral fibre of the Black community across the UK is strong. Though feeling a deep sense of injustice at the treatment we receive, we also feel a deep sense of pride in being Black, and feel akin to the struggles of those across the pond in the US and their struggles. The script provides and shows this struggle in a comical, yet surreal way, showing that despite the different walks of life Black people choose to embark on, being Black and proud is the cord which holds us together.