June 13, 2022

Dookin In Porty (DIP)

Anna Bishop

Dookin In Porty (DIP), 2022

Dookin In Porty (DIP) is the proposal for a centre that supports the outdoor swimming community in and around Edinburgh. Dookin is a Scots word meaning to dip, plunge or bathe whilst Porty is the locals’ nickname for Portobello, the location of the centre. The centre provides an informal, welcoming atmosphere with facilities to support existing outdoor swimmers in their practices as well as to help and encourage beginners. It retains the natural, unrestricted essence of the activity with infrastructure to facilitate rather than replace outdoor swimming in Portobello. Whilst there is a strong online community of outdoor swimmers, there are few physical spaces for outdoor swimmers to come together, share advice, gain confidence, and find others to swim with. Dookin In Porty provides this space with the aim of connecting people with the nature on their doorstep and with one another.