November 25, 2021

Does Your Genitalia Define You in the Music Industry?

Siannen McIlroy | Siannen McIlroy, 25 | Michael O'Donnell, 34

Audio WAVFemale Fronted, 2021

We exist in a gender-obsessed society, where the balance of equality and acceptance is constantly shifting. In music this has culminated in the ‘Female Fronted genre’, where the emphasis is on gender above all. It is debateable whether this is feminist justice or is merely enforcing the sense of division between the sexes. Music doesn’t have genitals, therefore one’s gender does not have a positive or negative impact on their performing abilities. By being exclusive within music; could we be strengthening the negativity felt by so many, whilst diluting the quality of the music by grading it not on the song-writing, musicianship and art; but on what is lurking under the musicians pants, or what they identify as? It is a topic which must be queried as more inclusive music allows for access to a larger talent pool. Female musicians certainly aren’t at a disadvantage to males and in order for a truly harmonious environment to exist: barriers have to be broken and human beings have to be regarded as human beings.