October 22, 2019

Does violence exist regardless of ethics or moral judgment, and if so, can one find a sculptural-aesthetic language of violence or force?

Yotam Sivan, 29

‘The Stone That Wished It Was Air’, Was made while exploring the fine line between violence and the exertion of force. This was done through a day-to-day practice of working intuitively and creating a precarious array of found and made objects that sustain physical tensions within and between themselves.
Through this work I am testing the philosophical notion that to exist is to exert force. We are inevitably forceful towards our environment as we disrupt the way things are with every action we perform.
I am a Jew originally from Israel (currently living in Edinburgh), and as such I attempted to distance myself from my own ethical bias towards violence in order to relate to violent activities that serve as past time or sports in militant cultures, and violent activities that have been Pacified as sports (such as Archery). This work is my attempt to abridge two different aspects of myself; one that is Pacifistic and progressive and another that naturally enjoys activities such as archery or firing at a shooting range.

The Stone That Wished it Was Air, 2019Sculptural Installation