July 26, 2022

Does Travel Broaden The Mind?

James Hall

Digital photographUntitled collection , 2022

Mark Twain was convinced that travel was essential to broaden the mind. But in a world where travelling is ubiquitous perhaps lockdowns have revealed the opportunities to broaden the mind closer to home. Staying close to home and looking carefully we start to see properly: to observe the beauty and variety in a tree stump on a heather bank, a small stand of trees by the side of the road or a dead tree on a snowy morning. Of course, we do not want to be “insular, ignorant ….” to use Twain’s phrase but if we adjust our focus and our aspirations to search out what surrounds us – in Scotland of all places – our minds will be broadened indeed by the beauty which surrounds us. These images were all taken within one mile of my home. I am lucky enough to live in rural Scotland, but I am convinced that wherever we live there is enriching beauty within a mile of us. In a crazy world, let’s focus on the positive and challenge ourselves to find it; travel free mind-broadening.