July 14, 2020

Does this crow sing?

Andrew Johnston, 49

Whilst working in a Stained Glass Studio in Hampshire I found some antique quarries of blue/pink and purple handspun glass. These small pieces reminded me of the bright cold, clear times after the sunrise and before the sunsets in East Lothian.  I improvised the movement and memories of seeing the Carrion crows in the morning in East Lothian; tatty wings, the distinctive clawing, its raw vocal tune, balanced with the cold pale blue glass.  This, to me is a piece that emulates the seasons and sounds Creating a stained glass interpretation of a vivid memory.  I have always been drawn to the open skies, nature and the rawness of the winter months.  I have portrayed this in an honest fashion using simplistic glass and traditional lead work.

Does this crow sing?, 2019Stained glass panel450mm×550mm