September 13, 2020

Does the shoe fit?

Jennifer Clark, 34

My practice is somewhat eclectic, drawing on many sources of inspiration. My current focus is on folklore, mythology, and fairytales. I like to explore themes such as heritage, nature, astronomy, cosmology and spirituality in my work. I love to read, and thought the idea of combining my two passions would create a fascinating contrast in my work. Paper and metal. Old books and the new medium, silver art clay. Precious metal clay is an extremely versatile medium. Allowing sculptural qualities of clay, that when fired turns into solid metal. It can even be hallmarked. In this way, it’s almost like alchemy. Transforming from one substance to something else. It mirrors my own creative process. I like the juxtaposition of using old books and paper to create a story. I like the contrast of paper and metal. Something old and new. Hard and soft. Expensive metal, and affordable paper. The words of a story now sculpted into something new, but at the same time retaining its integrity. Giving the viewer a new perspective on its story.

Cinderella, 2020Sterling silver, art clay silver, gold, cubic zirconia, vintage books