May 29, 2019

Does the Proximity of the Online Push Us Further Apart?

Nick Cronin, 25

Much of my practice revolves around themes of technology and the isolation that this age of connectivity brings us. In a world where we can access almost anyone or anything imaginable all from a device in our pockets, why does this leave us feeling more disconnected than ever?

My work seeks to capture that desire to reconnect on a human level in an era dominated by the Internet and social media, and a longing for the human touch in a time of the touch screen.

“Closer Apart” employs a metaphor of the digital world as a sprawling city we all inhabit. As proximity does not necessarily equate to intimacy, I look to capture this grouped isolation.

As voices describe the little they know about the people who live around them, with only small details through smells or noises, the screens blink and scroll in unison, struggling for a meaningful connection through the rudimental interfaces we are still bound to.

I work primarily in the edit, taking segments of footage and audio I have taken and sculpting them into something new. For this piece, I used a variety of self-shot footage, graphics and recordings of people I know to create the work.

The work is viewed best as the installation as the physical size dominates the room, mirroring the omnipresence of the digital world in our lives.

Closer Apart,
Moving image installation,
2m x 1.4m x 0.5m approx.

Find more of Nick’s work on Vimeo here.