January 30, 2020

Does the pain of infertility or losing a child ever go away?

Jessica Sharpe

Songwriting and videoYou Were Mine, 2020

This song is an expression of grief. Society is moving forward, but grief and loss still seem to be taboo in our culture. I believe that losing a child is one of the most painful experiences to be had. Whether the child was unborn, stillborn, even an adult. Time does not diminish a parent’s love. I had a chemical pregnancy last year. But after 3 years trying, those blue lines on the test were life to me. Seeing an empty womb at the ultrasound was excruciating. The pain and loss were very real to my husband and I. My in-laws lost their son at 44 in 2017. Their grief can still be raw and crippling. There is no word for a parent who has lost a child. We are not widows or orphans. Primary and secondary infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, death of any child – they leave a hole in your heart. We need to talk; we need to share these burdens. To know we are not alone. The footage is of our children. Sometimes memories are all that is left. I hope this song can help others grieve. Grief comes from love. Healing comes from love. We need more love.