March 26, 2020

Does the need for prayer come with the need for a deeper connection?

Claire Gillie-Thompson, 41

After witnessing the death of my sister I felt a profound spiritual connection I had never before experienced. I turned to prayer in order to fill the void of anger, loss, confusion & loneliness I felt during this time. This piece represents how I used prayer as a healing tool, however, there is still a part of me that questions whether this is valid & whether my emotions are spurring on this new found faith. This is signified in the darkness on the left hand side of my face. Ultimately this practice of prayer has brought me hope, closeness & a deeper connection to the spirit of my sister & I have represented this by showing an openess within my mind, my thoughts & feelings getting pulled towards her spirit.

Prayer for my sister, 2018Acrylic & acrylic ink on canvas20 by 30 inches