April 29, 2021

‘Does The Journey Make The Destination?’

David Goodall

MusicApplecross, 2021

It is common heard: “after the year I’ve had” “the worst month of my life” “if I could wipe out last January” – but each time we experience or share a moment of absolute joy, peace or contentment, that moment is the sum total of every part of our journey to that point. To remove that year, that month, that January would also alter the place of contentment. Are we programmed to somehow lose our sense of balance in the journeys we take? We avoid talking of death or loss, and yet they should come as no surprise: they’re hardly unexpected! And would a more open conversation on the hidden, “dark”, unsavoury parts of life perhaps change our perspective on at least some of them? The road to Applecross is a dizzying mélange of hairpin bends, brake-testing descents, empty [to some] bleak landscapes, awe-inspiring reveals of dramatic vistas, unearthly beauty. Arrival only happens as a result of the journey, so perhaps we need to reassess the value of the journey. Contentment is not the dirty word as it’s often portrayed, and perhaps the seeking brings its own rewards – unrecognised and unnoticed except in retrospect.