OilHolding the Balance, 201950 x 76 cm

This trilogy of paintings attempts to articulate how power, oppression and liberation are used in society today. Exploring the voices of the oppressed particularly through the lens of femininity and race I wanted to simultaneously acknowledge the power of art to transcend, critique and disrupt those social structures and that is why I chose a woman as the main focal point given that woman are so often portrayed in art and objectified within it. I wanted some of those issues regarding access to power and lack of power to be explored. This trilogy I hope poses questions to the viewer through exploring how the human spirit in these paintings defies conformity. Exploring some of the parameters set out by culture we inhabit, I have attempted to celebrate the human souls’ (particularly female) refusal to be defined and categorised within those cultures, in addition to race and gender as a lens for exploration. Consideration is given to how art is used to disrupt and liberate ourselves from the structures we are born into. Music, poetry and visual art therefore are a means to tell our stories and give voice to our suffering and liberation.