January 21, 2020

Does the cosmos connect us?

Nicola Blackstock, 36

We are all brothers and sisters on this earth, no matter race, cultural background or education. Does this mean we are all connected to the universe? The Sun, moon and stars? Do these cosmic forces connect us or are we connected to them? After losing both my parents to the known, incurable force, terminal cancer, it has made me look at the world and universe in a different way. I trust and believe that there are universal forces out there and that we are all cosmically connected. Whilst working on this planetary project I wanted to make the head pieces vast like our solar system and hair and makeup radiantly illuminated to emulate the bright sun, moon and stars in our sky. The moon headpiece shows the different stages of the moon and we explored how all these forces have their solo role in the universe whilst always working together in harmony to create light, Love, abundance, clarity, tides, seasons, weather and unity. We showcased each element beautifully individually and then together in an affinity the forces have aligned. I ask you: Who wouldn’t want to be connected to this unbelievable phenomenon?

Credits; Creative director/concept – Nik Makeup Artist 36, Photographer/Retoucher – Robert Campbell 51, Head Piece Designer – Nik Makeup Artist 36, Makeup Designer – Nik Makeup Artist 36, Makeup Artist Assistant – Janine Stanley 29, Hair Stylist/Head Piece Assistant – Lauren Getty 38, Photoshoot Assistant – Leigh Hanlon 18.

Models; Sun – Morgan Daniel 21, Moon – Sarah Reynolds 28, Star – Rebecca Wyman 21.

Does the cosmos connect us?, 2019Digital Image