February 16, 2020

Does the act of killing only affect the killed?

Sam McKnight, 17

Our society as a whole has focused very little attention on the impact of ending the life of another creature on the human psyche. When I was 15, I was tasked with the job of killing an unwanted cockerel- a beautiful, proud young bird that I desperately wished would be allowed to live. Images, sounds and feelings forever soldered into my head. An inescapable memory. Yet scrubbing the blood off my hands afterwards somehow managed to be the hardest thing to do. Watching the liquid manifestation of something’s life swirl down a plughole; a bubbling, gurgling accusation. This incident, recorded in this story, permanently affected how I viewed life and the large, industrial-scale killing of animals that occurs all over the world. This story hopes to enlighten the reader on both the affect of killing on the killer, and how animals respond to their impending death. Issues which I believe most people aren’t aware of.

The Eye, 2019