April 29, 2021

‘Does Technology Provide A New Form Of Immortality?’

Megan Queenan

MultimediaAnachronism, 2021Varied

My work investigates our continually evolving relationships with technology, data possession, and their ties to the occult. The main concern within my work is evaluating the ways in which these themes combined have fed into a strong culture of death denial in our society. I use imagery of older devices, which evoke feelings of nostalgia and call back to a time where digital self was much more physically tied to its host. Their functionality is almost entirely gone from modern society. Through the process of casting and recontextualizing their materiality, this further removes them of any functional value they once had rendering them, quite literally, dead. This sits in opposition with our falsified ideas that our digital-self will live on long after we’re gone, a new brand of immortality, highlighting the issue of our desired removal from our organic and decaying true-self. Currently, I’ve been considering the mediumship of technology between the living and the dead and the ways in which it muddies our understanding of death. This relationship between technology and the dead isn’t new- ghosts manipulating EMF, radio waves, and even as far back as the first cameras to communicate have long fueled society’s imagination and pop culture.