January 21, 2020

Does sound or music move you?

Andrew Brown

Samples, Synth and Midi PiecesSqeek, 2020Experimental

Music is everywhere but is it good, has it moved on? My journey to sound has started and mixed media is used. Sounds that are constant, expected, also some samples of the obscure to break the soundscapes. Most of the music, sounds and songs are very similar nowadays and force fed. Time for a change to break the hum drum. Sometimes escapism is needed to break out to a new world. My soundscapes are here to do that. Deep bass, stereo imaging, oscillation and reverb can make a base sound into something out of the ordinary. My future plans are to go and sample everyday items and make them into instruments. The next project is paper drums. Sampling and creating drums without having to buy them. Reducing consumerism and creating new and great sounds that can be used.