January 31, 2021

Does Solitude Better Connect Us To Our Emotions?

Rachel Coburn


Settling into lockdown was an unsettling experience, felt universally.

What I noticed was that time usually spent successfully avoiding confrontation with myself became thin, and deep-seated frustration, angst and overwhelm rose to the surface in the many quiet moments I’ve spent with myself in the last year.

I’ve never been much of a talker, really, but neither had prolonged contemplation been my therapy of choice. I created these three piano compositions and films as a way to focus my mind: distract again from uncomfortable conversations I had to have with myself.

But I found that through the process of creating, the feelings I’d struggled with found their home, and in the solitude of another Saturday spent behind closed doors, I for the first time felt at peace with the isolation, the heavier days, and even able to acknowledge the little joys offered up to us in this strange, unpredictable landscape.