April 25, 2022

Does Society Drown Black Women?

Carys Serries

Digital PaintingA Moment of Breath, 20222048 x 1648

It is common for Black women to often feel like we are drowning under the expectations of society. If we are unemployed, we are gold diggers, or if we have a career we are terrible mothers and partners. If we speak out we are threatening, bossy and abusive, if we stay silent we are anti-social, not a team player. Black women are expected to be a superwoman in order to catch a glimpse of “success”, so it is unsurprising that so many feel like they are drowning, with options rarely existing for us to get support. We are more likely than white women to experience depression and anxiety due to the systemic expectations and bias that affects us in every facet of life, with these being worse and unadressed the less diverse a country is. As a Black Scottish woman with depression, I created this piece in a dark period, where what little help I received was terrible, with the advice to “just ignore” the racism and bullying I was experiencing by a counsellor who had didn’t have that experience. This piece depicts a moment where a Black woman can relax whilst “consumed” by the weight of these biases.