April 28, 2020

Does Society Care if Old People like Me Die of Covid-19 ?

Dorothy Tritschler, 63

Deaths in Care Homes are set to overtake deaths in hospitals in the UK largely due to a lack of adequate testing and PPE. Yet, how many of us have taken to the streets about this? We can`t pretend we didn’t see it coming, since the number of elderly people that died in Care Homes in Italy and Spain were on a similarly alarming scale prior to the pandemic reaching here. Despite there being adequate time for preventative measures to be taken, our government failed to take action viewing our Care Homes as low priority for testing and PPE? Captain Tom is a clear example of what our elderly represent, yet we have all been silent accomplices in their premature and unnecessary deaths from Covid-19 largely due to a lack of testing and adequate PPE in Care Homes. The media have reported elderly people with Covid-19 symptoms being refused hospital admission and instead left to die in Care Homes since they were not considered a priority. What does it say about our society when we let our elderly be treated like second class citizens whose lives are of no value? They are today what we will be tomorrow!

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