May 26, 2020

Does society care about the impact of Corona virus on the mental health of our elderly?

Yvonne Johnston

PhotographMum's Isolation,

This portrait was made as my family and I were out on our daily walk during the Covid-19 pandemic we find ourselves in. My mother is a seventy year old vulnerable member of our society and has been shielding since the twenty-third of March. Since then, she has been alone in her seven story home. The only (socially distanced) visitors have been myself and my daughter when we take her her supplies of food and necessities. This portrait visualises the extreme measures some of the most vulnerable in our society have had to endure. It shows the loneliness and isolation that the threat of catching the virus has brought. But, it also shows an incredibly strong woman. A woman who raised three children and more grandchildren than you can count on both hands. A woman who has fought and beaten cancer twice. A woman who has provided for her family and always paid her way. A woman who is loved by all who meet her and who would give the shirt off her back to help another. But her mental health is deteriorating. And in reality, this is a portrait of a woman trying to keep on a brave face.