August 24, 2019

August Shortlist – Does pretty equal pain?

Keri Hannah

Large format photographs that are then digitally printed.Pretty Hurts, 2019Final photographic prints are A1 in size.

‘Pretty Hurts’ is a constructed photo series that follows the character Stacey through her everyday rituals, and seeks to explore society’s obsession with beauty, consumerism and outward appearances. Stacey is a caricature of the several facets concerned with body image expectations, and the stereotypes placed upon women; she is impressionable, pressured and anxiety ridden. Largely inspired by housewife handbooks from the 1960’s, ‘Pretty Hurts’ is styled in a way that is relatable, yet not instantly recognisable – it is styled as an amalgamation of eras which is intended to prompt the question: have female body image issues really improved throughout the decades? Personal preference and taste may change, but the inherent pressure and desire to be aesthetically pleasing remains.