October 15, 2021

Does Natural Instinct Drive Our Creativity?

Alice Macmillan

LinocutRun, 202171 x 40 cm

In a country where a culture war is raging, how do we justify our existence as artists and fight for creativity? With the Tory government slashing arts funding left, right and centre, undermining the arts in education by devaluing it’s place in the curriculum and the occupation of artist being classed as the top ‘non-essential’ job in the media; how can artists continue to develop and value their skills as creative practitioners? Allowing myself opportunities for creativity always felt like a guilty pleasure until I took a gamble on myself and left my career as a teacher to become a full time artist. The times we are living in make this a drastic and to many, crazy career decision. No one ever encourages you to become an artist. I certainly wasn’t even though it has always been my driving passion. I wasted years and money training for a profession that was ‘worthy’ only to find I was a cog in a broken machine. Creativity fought back and drove me to drop everything and pursue my art. It wasn’t a decision it was natural instinct.