September 27, 2019

Does my nakedness upset you?

Alexandra Tsiapi, 23

A woman’s ironic and sarcastic take on the obscurity of morality and aesthetics, a ramble of thoughts addressed to all genders, the society, the norms, the clothing and cosmetics industry, the young and the old.

The women’s boobs, a taboo nurtured for centuries. It is time we question how this taboo has shaped our views of our body. We are at a crucial point today where the standards of women’s beauty are changing and women gain more freedom regarding their body. It is still considered immoral and immodest by many if a woman shows her boobs in public, even if it is hot, even at the sea. It is time to change that.

I am tired of the clothing industry that hypersexualizes women’s body. Clothes and product advertisements that will make us look sexy, attractive, appealing bombard us every day. When and why did I start hating my face without make up on? Who fed us this lie that our beauty is measured by how many people like us?

I believe there is a direct link between all of the above and now it is the time to have this talk.