July 31, 2021

Does Music Have the Ability to Alter Our Perception of Time?

Giorgos Bouras

Music, videoFloating over Seafield, 2021

During the first lockdown, I found myself being increasingly lost in time while making music and listening back to it. This made me want to explore (more in an emotional way than scientific) the relationship between music and time perception. Through my musical practice I am striving to create expansive environments in which music goes in all different directions in non-linear ways, using elements of chance to avoid repetition. The way pitch and rhythm is typically structured through time in a musical piece leads the listener to guess what is coming next and when. In my effort to make the listener either stay in an alert state or just surrender to the music, I try to avoid recognisable rhythmic patterns and prefer melodicity over melody. When you go to an unfamiliar destination and come back again, it often seems like the way back takes less time than the initial trip, even though you traveled the same distance.