January 27, 2020

Does looking back allow us to look forward?

Skye Sutherland, 20

I knew this mural would hold some meaning for the care home residents because it specifically featured landmarks of their younger lives. The Royal Arch, the Fifie, the Palais dance club, the jute mills that most of them had worked in… What I didn’t know, is that these images would liberate them. I could see the memories flowing through them as they were reminiscing. Looking back on the past had allowed them to reflect and remember who they used to be. It helped them to redefine their identities and bring all of those feelings into the here and now. They began story telling and making jokes, talking and opening up to each other. By the end of my time painting I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to paint all of their stories all over the walls. I started this thinking it was just paint on a wall. I left knowing that the mural will continue to awaken their memories, help keep a positive mind set around the care home and bring a smile to their faces. I will be reminiscing about those 2 days for the rest of my life.

“Take yer bed tae the palais!” 2020, 2020Matt wall paint on wall120cm x 78 cm