December 12, 2019

Does life become a blur of speed as we mature?

Angela McClinton, 62

Life can seem an extremely long time when we are young. However, as we mature, those years seem to pass us by at speed: just a blur, as the painting portrays. Do we all feel we could pack more into life no matter what age we are? Or, are there moments where we consider we have missed the boat? When younger we cannot wait till we reach a time where we learn to have relationships, obtain a driving licence, or gain degrees for example. When older, we rue the years that have sped by too quickly. Have we attained our ideals or do we regret that we have not achieved or reached our dreams; our goals? Personally, I want my life to have had value and a decent legacy. Life’s fast pace evokes many questions, and my expression in this painting, I hope, reaches even deeper than just the blur of a life-span, prompting deeper thought to the opportunity of life we have.

Passing Me By, 2018Acrylic on canvas then digitally enhanced: Mixed media