December 22, 2021

Does Jewelry Have the Potential to Change Peoples Perspectives?

Chloe Fitzpatrick

Silicone Sealant, SilverT, 2021

Jewelry is a powerful piece of art, constantly touching the skin, with the ability to create an intimate connection between the wearer and the material. I believe jewelry has the ability to change peoples perspectives, I use it as a tool to help remind people to appreciate the under appreciated and all forms of nature. The collection of rings are inspired by a fish, after doing research, I found out that a lot of people thought fish were the ugliest animal. I wanted to highlight the beauty of the fish through my collection and to create a reminder when wearing the ring, that beauty is all around us in the most unusual or hidden places. The inside of the rings are inspired by all the forms, textures and shapes inside a fishes mouth, while the outside is inspired by the solid, smooth, skull of a fish. I believe that it is important to be grateful and appreciative for everything around you, when people start appreciating the little things or seeing the beauty in places which people normally do not, then you will start seeing the world in a different way.