January 27, 2019

Does it really matter if I lose?



Between moving away from home, starting university, and everything else that happens in daily life, it can often be overwhelming and feel like reality does not matter. I live in my own head a lot, where my internal world does not match the external one, and so I’ve often gotten the feeling that nothing really matters and that this exterior realm is insignificant. In ‘Monopoly’ I try to articulate this distorted and burdened relationship between the internal and external that we all carry, to not only question to what extent there is a relationship but also its value. By expressing reality in terms of a game, monopoly, I try to come to terms with it and argue that if reality feels like a game, and if in games winning or loosing does not matter, then does winning or loosing – reality itself – matter? Even though this is a fallacy in logical reasoning, it calls forth this question of what matters, more specifically, what values and what realities matter. This is a vital topic for me because it is fundamental to my understanding of myself as well as the external world I live in and the people in it.