February 2, 2021

Does Human Life Have A Future On This Fragile Earth?

Nicole Carter

MP4 VideoGranny's Wisdom, 2020

Granny’s Wisdom was initially written as a reaction to the first Covid 19 lockdown, in 2020. I was struggling with my mental health and needed to apply my fears creatively for catharsis.

The ongoing situation made me think deeply about what would happen over the coming months and years; would Human life survive?

With only neighbours and shop checkout staff to talk to in person, I became even more reflective and worried that things would be terrible.

Realising almost everyone else felt the same, I researched where I could buy photos to use without worrying about copyright infringement, then set about making the video so I could offer some hope to those who were, like me, worried about the future.

My characters are set in the future, with Granny reflecting back to a pivotal time in her past, which had made her question many aspects of Life, such as religion, mortality, family; as I’m still doing myself during 2021.However, now there is a vaccine, this will hopefully encourage more people to contribute towards the ongoing discussion and pro-action, that the Global Community has been propelled into, for creating a brighter future for everyone for generations to come.