April 30, 2021

‘Does Fire Walk With You ?’

Inna Prorovner-Smullen

Analogue Photography

The only way to make sense out of complex and changeable world around me and inside of me , is to step into the wave of unknown darkness, frame the moment and domesticate it. As once the fire was domesticated, so I domesticate the chaos. Sometimes, when I catch this wild animal, even small one, I want to domesticate it : I go to this one special room – the dark room – magician’ black box – my alchemy lab – where under the spell of red light and special potions, once hidden faces and clandestine shapes are gradually revealed to me. They are coming out of darkness to surprise me , to challenge me , to seduce me. It is precisely at these moments I am becoming their confidant, a secret witness of the existence of a parallel world. It is there and then when I know: Fire walks with me . Does fire walk with you?