January 31, 2020

Does Femininity Make You Less of a Man?

Catriona Macbeth, 18

Flowers are an unquestionable symbol for femininity. In my painting they help represent how society has blinded itself with gender stereotypes, and how it hurts itself by doing so. These stereotypes can be harmful as people can struggle in life just by being who they are – even if it’s ‘unconventional’ – via bullying or by blocking their chances in life. For example, at my all girl school, a small group of people wanted to have a girls rugby team (as our partnered all boy school had one). The principle told them no as they would just hurt themselves and to go back to home economics. Expressing yourself through being feminine or masculine doesn’t hurt anyone, so why do we tear them apart for being themselves? The colour scheme I used was to help showcase the contrasting nature of femininity and masculinity, and how both together can show beauty. I painted my model (my boyfriend) in warm colours while the flowers were painted cold. I decided to make the flowers the iconic ‘masculine’ blue colour to emphasise the contrast.

Boys Can Be Feminine Too, 2020Acrylic10x12" / 25.4x30.5cm