Mixed Media / Moving Image1/2 Working, 2019

In Spring 2018 I envisioned creating some caps. Instead of having a simple application of a logo or some belief or aspirational phrase applied to the front, why not label the contents? Your brain, your mood? 1/2 Working can mean a few things. In one sense it refers to constantly investigating your surroundings, gathering ideas, documenting. A: “C’mon relax you’re on holiday!?” B: “Yeah but I can’t fully, I’m 1/2 working”. – In another, it’s the balance between utility and fashion. For over a decade I have celebrated workwear garments for their durability and functional designs. The garments have an excellent basis for adaptation or re-appropriation. Look at Carhartt, Le Laboreur or even high end Japanese brand Sassafras – which is designed for gardening. – Finally, it can be a cap which you put on when you are feeling under the weather, full of the cold or simply hungover. It labels your brain’s condition so that you can continue to stare in to the abyss with your sunglasses on, no questions asked. Please interpret it in your own way too.