January 7, 2022

Does Colour Make You Happy?

David Short

Acrylic on CanvasColour = Happiness, 202290 cm x 90 cm

The goal of my art practice is to bring joy to the observer and to create bright and uplifting spaces. I would say that my pieces are simple and naive yet fun and carefree. I am loose and confident with my brush strokes and my use of bright colours. This in turn reflects who I am. My view is that both colour and art is fundamental to creating a happy environment. The entry criteria ask about values, and I am aware that happiness is not a value. However, if art and colour are enablers to make people happy, even if this is for a moment in time, this must be a good thing for society. The piece that I have submitted reflects the bright colours of my usual work, however I have introduced blacks and greys into the bouquet reflecting how darkness can take over that colourful bright joyous feeling. The depiction of this spreading shows how easy it is for the happiness to be lost (be this through mental health; illness etc). We all need colour in our lives, and I know that this and art makes me very happy.