May 10, 2020

Does colour impact how we feel?

Emily MacKenzie, 21

Colours can control how we feel, and just by being exposed to a specific colour can change our mood. We use yellow to brighten up a room, but did you know that overexposure to the colour yellow can make people nauseous. Similarly the colour blue can be a calming colour but also can make you feel very lethargic. Colour can have more of an impact on you than you may want to admit, and that’s why I want you to look at my eight images as a whole ’Spectrum’ and think about how you feel. As all eight images are colourful together, it creates a rainbow effect that makes us feel happier subconsciously. Now look at them individually and think about how each one makes you think. I have included props in my photos to enhance the feeling the colours give us. Red makes you feel love and romance. Green makes us think of nature and feelings of security. Pink makes us feel childlike and immature. Blue makes us feel calm and vulnerable. Orange makes us feel energetic and determined. Purple makes us feel excited and represents luxury. Yellow makes us feel content and comfortable.

Spectrum, 2020Photography