January 17, 2020

Does changing our ways actually help reverse the damage we have afflicted on the envrionment?

Erin Mitchell, 17

For year,s we have been told that each person recycling, cutting out single use plastic, being more energy conscious and using sustainable products, is the answer to reverse the and stop the climate crisis. But what good does that actually do? Will me not buying a plastic bottle of water from the shop actually help? The answer is no, probably not. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a step in the right direction, but for years the blame has been on society, but what about the oil companies, sweatshops, and all these companies that use a high amount of fossil fuels just to run. For too long the public has felt guilt for buying that one plastic bottle or leaving the lights on in their house, if we have to change our ways then why don’t those companies that happen to be the biggest contributors to pollution? They should also feel the guilt. But that’s too unrealistic at this rate. So I guess all we can do is stick to what we’re doing and hope that one day those companies and governing bodies feel that same and actually do something about it. If we can be better, so can they.