May 15, 2020

Does Boris Care if I Live or Die?

Dorothy Tritschler, 63

For years our politicians have portrayed the elderly as a drain on our society and our NHS. As soon as we become old and are no longer productive in economic terms we are perceived as an unwanted burden on society. Are we therefore really surprised that our  government failed to ensure that care homes were provided with the necessary PPE and testing to prevent unnecessary and premature deaths? Why has there been no public outcry? What does it say about our society when we allow our government to fail and abandon our elderly without demanding they are held to account? When we abandon our elderly we should remember that we are abandoning our grandparents, our mothers and our fathers! When we abandon our elderly we are abandoning the Captain Toms of this world! When we abandon our elderly we should remember that we are also abandoning our future selves, our grandchildren and future generations! For the sake of humanity we must demand answers and act to ensure that the Boris` of this world do not view us as being disposable once we are elderly!

"Sorry Boris, I`m Still Alive & Kicking!", 2020Oil Painting24cms x 30 cms