November 16, 2020

Does being creative lead to better mental health?

Zoƫ Wilson

StoneBreath, 2020300mm x300mm x 20mm

I created this piece during the first lockdown in April. Carving alone in my workshop gave me such a huge feeling of purpose and peace, it was a complete break from the pressures and worries which sometimes felt overwhelming. The juxtaposition of solid lines and shapes made sense of a world outside that was becoming chaotic. Whilst carving is my career, I hadn’t realised until this point just how much it benefits my mental wellbeing. Concentrating wholeheartedly on one practical task, which is both intricate and challenging, enables me to switch off completely from the outside world, like a form of mediation. Lockdown has completely changed the way I view my craft. I see it more as an essential part of my life rather than just a career choice. I also feel very differently about the purpose of my work. I want to try and convey with the viewer some of the feelings I have whilst making the piece. Creating work which is both interesting and engaging, which hopefully allows the viewer also to pause and reflect.