ScreenplaySpirits & Alcohol, 2020

Scotland has always had an unhealthy attitude towards alcohol and alcoholism, it seem to be bound tightly into our DNA and steeped in our culture. With 1 out of every 15 deaths in Scotland alcohol related, that’s around 1,136 deaths every year. But what do we really know about alcoholism? For those who have never been affected by addiction, it’s easy to paint everyone with the same brush, and target everyone with the same derogatory phrases. The truth is not everyone suffering from alcohol addiction is the same. I’ve written this 6 monologue screen play, 6 individual short stories in essence. My main aim in writing this piece was to highlight that alcoholism isn’t something to be ashamed off, it’s not something that should be swept under the carpet, to pretend it’s not happening. If we can talk about it in the open, it may help dissolve stereotypes, break down barricades, for addicts to be seen not just as people but as individuals, each with a unique story to tell, and maybe if we understand a little about addiction it may help us change our attitude towards alcoholism. So why do us Scots drink to excess?