January 14, 2020

Does art need an explanation?

Emma-Louise Grady, 23

For generations, humankind has constantly looked for an explanation of the art they see. A story to be told behind each brushstroke. The question always arises; ‘…but what does your work mean?’ I paint to create something that catches the eye, a world to get lost in. I understand that when people view artwork they like to create their own narrative and to this, I encourage, but why ask the artist to provide an explanation to what you see. It is important to know that not all artists create to provide a backstory. It was not until I stopped trying to push a concept onto my work and let the creativity flow, that my paintings began to take shape and form who I am today as an artist. Artwork can allow an individual to heal through a concept close to them, but art can also just be art; no story, no narrative, just art.

'Dystopia Metaphoria', 2019Mixed Media, Acrylic, Oil pastels, Varnish210cm x 100cm