January 8, 2019

Does anyone realise they are playing to an empty audience?

Anonymous , 22

A turbulent and messy atmosphere, in a reality that you know the only thing you can ever be sure of is that you can’t be sure of anything, and that the only person’s thoughts you can ever trust are your own. Why do people spend their days posting pictures and videos of their lives, happy burst snippets that only montage the best bits and collage over all the loneliness and depression that fills the moments between.

Why spend a life making yourself significant to insignificant people, can no one see that they are broadcasting their life to an audience that doesn’t care and are waiting for the approval of the social elites, that you only wish you could be. Who will be the first to realise that the only audience that matters isn’t a single person that could fill a seat but actor himself. the critique you ignored when your audience ignored you. This picture represents the empty reception of the blank audience we try so hard to project qualities of self onto, and this is why it makes it so difficult to see yourself or others clearly in your head. everyone is the main character of their story and no one has an audience because everyone is to busy acting.