November 23, 2019

Does an illegitimate child make mistakes when they grow up?

Chan Chan

Digital StillsBlurred Lines Between Art and Fart, 2019Randomly from the IPHONES

A modern man looks at modern art and feels humour at times, from what he sees to what is exhibited. Humorous to the untrained eye and cheaply enlightened swaggering glass of champagne if you are a high class sophisticated cheese nibbler. Because we truly live in the NOW and only the now really matters, hence “modern art” is not your future, nor the past you have not dented. It is the now we are all marinated together in this orgy of embarrassment. With this, I present a list of accidents I made while dropping my phones or pressing wrong buttons and snapping images during uneven perspectives, with many more unplanned “accidents”. I have kept these images because they make me laugh at footage of a monkey painting on canvas, to an elephant stroking the same “ego”. Unbeknownst to the gallery spectators, analysing through their grin with philosophies, until the truth of the animal artists is finally revealed. As the fake philosophers begin to bark…