January 31, 2020

Does acknowledging Scotland’s role in slavery make us a stronger nation?

Mara Menzies, 41

Blood and Gold is a story that attempts to explore the legacy of slavery through legend, myth and fantasy. Scotland’s great role in this dark part of history is often underplayed, however, as the world becomes increasingly divisive, to move forward as a nation where every individual is valued and cherished, we must acknowledge this role and the effect it has had and continues to have on communities and society today. This includes racism, racial stereotyping, self-hate within the black community, segregated societies, cultural misunderstanding at an institutional level, fear of offending or being offended and withdrawal from wider society. Scotland is at a point where we can choose to walk a different path and make us a stronger society in a way that works best for us. Performance storytelling is a powerful medium for exploring difficult subjects, but crucially, a multi-layered performance that places the audience at its very heart, yet meets people where they are at, rousing emotions and therefore enabling conversation to take place among diverse audiences. The performance features the Shadowman, a shapeshifter, trickster, fear and hate feeder, that powerful voice in us all, that we can choose to embrace or dispel.

Blood and Gold, 2019Performance Storytelling