January 26, 2019

Does a woman’s hair define her beauty?

Morvern Graham, 20

In a society where a women’s value is often placed on her looks, it’s scary not to be pretty.
Being attractive is the rent women seem to have to pay to live in this world.

But I never felt pretty with long hair. I felt weighted and encumbered, like the real me was sitting a few seats back from the person I was presenting.

I shaved my head in the summer of 2017.

People tell me it’s a very ‘hard’ or ‘severe’ look, but the opposite seems apparent to me, as there is so much vulnerability in a shaved head: An openness of unadornment.

A woman with a shaved head is synonymous with the idea of strength and empowerment. But I think a lot of that idea comes about because we appear more masculine- and therefore stronger, in a male dominated world.

This is not a symbol of strength offered through masculinisation, it is my strength.

My own: As a woman.