January 6, 2020

Does a Stone Have a Soul?

Szymon Felkel, 46

My photographs series evoke the phenomenon of pareidolia (the term derived from Greek para eidolon – something hidden behind an image) which is a psycho-physiological, atavistic ability to recognize a human face in random patterns. If these forms come from the realm of nature they may be clouds, random stains or stones – in this case called mimetholits. The mimetholiths photographed by me have some initial, figurative features because of which I chooses them. With an aesthetic intervention limited to a minimum, I places the “eyes” of the creatures, in their apparently right place. This simple gesture of putting a glass eyeball in the stone “eye socket”, transforms the light and shadow forms into recognizable quasi-facial features. My works points at the fact that any viewer may discover her pareidolian abilities and start to see things differently.