October 21, 2019

Does a material’s quality affect the ideas it expresses?

Agnes Jones, 32

I am an artist blacksmith who draws in steel. I have been increasingly interested in understanding what line can do, how to use it to tell a story with as few gestures as possible. My work is concept driven drawings forged in steel, and my role as a female blacksmith and the surprise of people in me being feminine and a blacksmith have come together in this series of drawings of the female form. I have begun to explore this relationship in my work, combining two things that I find compelling – my love of drawing, particularly using steel to do this, and the notion of what metalwork can be, made by whom and how it is perceived. Life drawing has always been of interest to me, and these self portraits have allowed me to make work that has something to say about our notions of female form, challenging the conventions of blacksmithing itself. The simple lines that make each piece are given a new depth when combined with the shadows it forms.