September 20, 2019

Does A Journey Always Need to Be Successful?

Rachel Jutkova

paper collage, monotype print, digital collageWill My Journey Be Successful?, 2018A3+ size

… Ask God
whether or not
our journey
will be successful. ‘
Go in peace. ‘
… For the Lord
is watching over
your journey. ‘
Judges 18: 5-6

In my collage, I was exploring the relationship between journey and success.
Words are narrative, a narrative is a process, process is art and that all is a journey.

Journey is freedom that we all want to have. Journey is a decision and path that allows me to create and explore the unknown. To me, to wander means to pick up the layers of experience, gather them and create a mark. Often, I feel that journey needs to be successful in order to have a meaning in our society. But does it actually matter? It does not to me.
In my work I used the element of asemic writing when the actual readability of the text fleets and words become a mark or a process rather than bearers of meanings. This represents that success is not important in terms of journey, it could and could not be present. Nevertheless, journey has still its meaning and significance.