January 30, 2020

Do you worry?

Freja Refning Hansen

Spoken WordI Worry, 2020

“I Worry” is the second of two pieces of spoken word poetry I wrote, with music composed by Jack Hinks, about the climate strikes lead by the children of Fridays for Future. Today we are facing a climate emergency. People, animals and ecosystems face extinction and we must therefore come together to solve this issue now. The issue is global and we simply cannot handle this individually nor nationally anymore – we need global cooperation. The children have led this rebellion and we must now, as adults, do everything we can to support them and not let them feel they are holding the Earth on their shoulders alone anymore. It is their future, it is our future. Using the Arts is a powerful tool to make people listen and empathise with the cause which must be on top of our agendas now if we want to keep living even somewhat normal lives, and we owe that to our children and theirs to come. We must all act now, we must all start worrying.