Digital artWake up, 20203044 x 3046px

Why wake up? Why seek freedom when captivity is so cozy? Why do we give away our power to others so easily? It’s fear. In this digital art work, I wanted to show that no matter how suppressed, distracted or blinded we are in life. One thing prevails through it all. Unconditional Love. Drawing inspiration from the three monkeys. Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil. A symbol of turning a blind eye to what’s morally wrong. I decided to ask the question, What if we were being taught to turn a blind eye to our own morality and intuition? Would we even recognise the difference between our own thoughts and those imposed on us by others. How often are we swayed and what if our own morals aren’t moral? Life is the illusion we create around us. If we create the illusion then we can change the illusion. So let us start with one change in our own thoughts today. One pure thought that we know is ours. A thought of unconditional love without judgement or expectations.