November 20, 2020

Do You Understand?

Fern Farmer

PhotographyDo You Understand?, 2020

‘Do You Understand?’ looks at society’s ignorance towards climate change, shown through a simple scene that cannot be misunderstood. The piece is a very simple child-like story, created in a way that simplifies the large scale issue that is Climate Change. The story is not about the subtleties or intricacies of the reality, more, the overall impact it has on our planet and as a result our communities. This is through the representation of extreme weather conditions, that in turn affects the next. The piece takes a complex topic that’s often minimised and brushed off, and explores it in an extreme way, that it cannot be overlooked. ‘Do You Understand?’ is an important piece of work that acts as an educational tool for all ages, as it is clear that throughout society, there is a lack of knowledge and understanding. It promotes awareness of global warming and shows us an extreme, raw version of what is happening to our planet. Allowing those who disregard the issue to see the reality of climate change in a basic, clear and effective way.