February 10, 2020

Do you remember the time we flew our kite on the beach?

Gemma O'Malley, 37

A sunny day, eyes glued to screens on a packed train. No one is looking out the window daydreaming, engaging in conversation with family or friends or dare I say even a stranger. Eyes down, guards up. Silence. I wonder if we are evolving to a state of insularity where we no longer believe we have the freedom to engage in human face to face interaction or at the very least be free within our own consciousness. We sit silently scrolling, looking at the pretend lives of others, comparing ourselves to beautiful strangers, reading news about social media anxiety and addiction but still we scroll. We seem to be imprisoned by our own desire for attention, likes, comments, for interaction. We wonder if we are confident, attractive, intelligent or fun enough. Our minds seem to be enslaved by this little machine. The sun is shining across the blank faces on the train as it whizzes past the Scottish mountains, I imagine these passengers as fun, noisy, energetic children running across fields in summer, free with happy faces and muddy legs, staying out playing until it got dark and I think, remember the time we flew our kite on the beach?

We flew our kite on the beach, 2020Photography